Web Development to help grow your business

I'm Harry, and I have six years of experience developing and maintaining high quality web applications, e-commerce stores and business websites, helping to manage your technology so that you can focus on what matters most - your customers.

My work speaks for itself.

Working with small businesses, I have brought much needed technical insights, communicated in an effective way which allowed my clients to revolutionise the way customers interact with their business.

PureLine Disc Golf

Working alongside professional Disc Golfer Charlie Goodpasture, I built an effective custom e-commerce platform allowing Charlie to transition his very specific business requirements from a fully social-media based sales platform to a new website, increasing revenue by up to 300% and freeing up the business owner's time to better compete in the sport itself.

Complex Requirements
The nature of Disc Golf e-commerce is such that products are very specific. Customers expect to pick a specific stock item, requiring the site handle the differentiation of Color, Weight and even Stamp Color per product.
Client Communication Key
Ask Mr Goodpasture, and he would be the first to admit he is largely non-technical. This plus the 5 hour time difference, provided opportunities for me to develop my communication skills, as well as showed the need for the development of the custom CMS designed around ease-of-use.
Technologies Used
Laravel + Laravel Nova forms the backbone of the custom PHP-based CMS. The front-end is made up of custom Vue.JS components along with Blade templating. Checkout functionality is enabled by Snipcart and Stripe, industry standard e-commerce heavyweights.

quarrypark.app Booking System

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK entertainment industry was thrown into disarray. With the requirements imposed by authorities, suddenly a booking system with online payments became a necessity. Quarry Park Disc Golf Course asked me to come up with a solution to allow them to open their doors and bring in vital revenue.

24 Hour Concept to Release
Facing being forced to remain closed until a solution was found, the website was developed as rapidly as possible, and within 24 hours there was reservations being taken. An iterative development cycle then commenced, rolling out payments as well as other features as they became completed.
Technologies Used
Laravel with Alpine.JS facilitated rapid development, and Tailwind UI allowed components to be used facilitating a fast, quick, clean design. PayPal and Stripe were used to enable payments. The system is equipped with email notifications and reciepts, facilitating a full booking experience.

“The work that Harry has done over the last two years has enabled me to take my business to the next level. I'm grateful for all the passion and ideas that Harry has put into making my dream a reality!”